To From Adults Children

We are constantly committed to encouraging our clients and collaborators to save our natural resources and correct use of energy in order to help with the conservation and preservation of the planet.

Water and Energy

At PLAZA DEL LILI HOTEL we are 100% committed to saving and proper use of water and energy. Since our clients arrive at our reception we recommend the efficient use of the following resources:

Enjoy natural light in our rooms and common areas.

Use trash cans correctly. Recycle!

Close the key while brushing, shaving or soaping.

Disconnect all electronic devices that you aren’t using.

Fauna and Flora

Cali is one of the most important city in Latin America in terms of fauna and flora, it has hosted twice in a row at Birdfair and we are committed to conserving this.

That is why at PLAZA DEL LILI HOTEL we actively carry out educational campaigns with our guests to raise awareness and care for our natural environment.