In response of preventing the spread of COVID-19 we implemented a Hygine and Protection Protocol according to the recommendations given by the Government of Colombia.

Remember all the guests, staff and suppliers of the Hotel Plaza del Lili are required to revisit the Biosecurity Protocols before making a reservation or visit our Hotel.

Please check all the Biosecurity measures we have implemented by clicking here

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​Proper handwashing can reduce the spread of pathogens and prevent infections as COVID-19 virus. Please check the proper procedure for washing hands by clicking below.

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uso del tapabocas


​In compliance with the measures given by our National Government, the use of the cover is MANDATORY in and outside the hotel facilities, both by employees and guests. 

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Learn about the step-by-step disinfection procedure we implemented in rooms to keep them free from any viruses or bacteria.

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​If you are willing to make a reservation at our hotel you must fill out a form prior to your arrival at the hotel. Download the form on the “Download” button.



All guests and employees must download and honestly fill out the following form about their current state of health.




Get familiar with all the procedures we have implemented for the exhausted disinfection of our hotel. We satisfactorily comply with the Biosecurity Protocols.

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If you are a supplier of our hotel and have to visit us, you must download and fill out the following form and send it by email to the manager before your arrival. 


Common Questions

How can the hotel guarantee the health of the guest and collaborators with regard to COVID-19?

We have implemented the Biosecurity Protocols that our National Government has imposed to ensure prevention and spread against COVID-19 regarding the decree 666 which parameterizes biosecurity measures to help contain the virus.

Additionally, we are also working together with COTELVALLE (Hotel and Tourism Association of Colombia) to put into any additional preventive measures for the hotel sector in order to contain the spread of the virus.

Foremost, it is main to consider that without a vaccine against the virus is nearly impossible
to guarantee zero percent of spread, so that our Hotel has taken as many measures as necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

What biosecurity protocols do we have to welcoming the guest?

They are actually different types of biosecurity procedures we have implemented for collaborators and guests who visit our hotel.

Even though the procedure is different it has the same objective, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  

Depending on your role within the hotel you may know the Biosecurity Protocols we have established at the top.  

If you are a guest, remember to fill out some forms before arriving at our hotel.

Will the common areas of the hotel be enabled?

No, none of our common areas will be enabled for the time of the COVID-19 sanitary
emergency. Regarding to our restaurant service we will be having breakfasts at rooms (room services) without any additional cost and taking into account the biosecurity measures that we have implemented.

Do guests need to submit a document certifying they are not carriers of the COVID-19 to make a reservation?

If the guest comes from some of the endangered areas that our National Government has decreed as (USA, EUROPE, UNITED KINGDOM, SWEDEN OR SOME CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICAN COUNTRY) must present the stamps of Colombia Migration which proves that it has no isolation order.

In addition to this, the guest must download and complete the COVID-19 Associated
Respiratory Diseases form certifying they have no symptoms associated with the emergency.

You must also have the Coronavirus Colombia app installed on your cell phone so you have
all your updated data.

How many people at most can be accommodated in the same room?

It can lodge a maximum of two people per room who are from the same immediate family members or can prove they live together.  

Hotel occupancy will be 50% of its capacity.

Can the event room be booked?

No, the hall will be out of service until the COVID-19 emergency is over.

When the guest arrives at the hotel, what is the first thing he is told by the hotel staff?

First, from the moment of booking the guest has the duty to read, download and fill out some forms that you will find in our website section COVID-19. 

Once you arrive at the hotel, the first thing you need to do is to clean your shoes on the disinfection mats which the hotel will have at all entrances and you will also have to clean your hands with the antibacterial gel provided.

A disinfection procedure will also be performed on the luggage brought by the guest. 

Do you have airport - hotel shuttle service that guarantees biosecurity protocols inside the vehicle?

Yes, our company has a first-class transport fleet that has implemented the required biosecurity protocols within their vehicles just as the driver is able to follow the Biosecurity Protocols decreed by the Colombian National Government.

You can learn more by clicking here

Will the room service be available?

Yes, our restaurant will operate under the established protocols to offer only breakfast to the room at no additional cost.

What biosecurity measures are being implemented in the hotel restaurant?

We have social distancing among our collaborators and guests in that area.

All our food suppliers must also comply with the biosecurity protocols required by the hotel.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone or write to WhatsApp  +57 314 867 3576 

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